Rotes Rathaus | Berlin, Germany

Berlin Rotes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) during the night, Germany.

If you look at my photos, you could think that I actually don’t live in Berlin. Recently, there are not many photos of my home city and it’s not because I don’t stay there or that I don’t enjoy photographing Berlin. Sometimes if you live in one place (as I’ve lived most of my life in Berlin), you might treat the sights and curiosities of such a city as something mundane. In reality though, they are not. This is why today’s photo from Rotes Rathaus is in Berlin!

Rotes Rathaus was built in Berlin in the second part of the 19th century, in the style of High Renaissance. I found it particularly interesting that this town hall was inspired by two buildings.

First, the architect was inspired by The Old Town Hall of Torn (Toruń in Poland).

Second, the towers of the Rotes Rathaus are built in a similar style, as the cathedral towers of Notre-Dane de Laon in France.

I found these international connections very inspiring and reminded me of each time I passed the Rotes Rathaus – that is something special!

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