Grunewalderturm | Berlin, Germany

Grunewalderturm (Grunwald Tower) - a tourist attraction in Berlin, Germany.

The glistening sun, a beautiful meadow in the middle of a forest; with a view on the Havel river, some cold beer or a delicious apple pie (“Apfelkuchen”) – just several reasons to visit the Grunewaldturm and the surrounding area.

Whenever we visit our favorite beer garden, we pass this tower pictured above. On this day, I decided to take my camera with me. I hadn’t seen many photos of the tower in the Berlin photography community and so I assumed that no tourist would recognize the building, as it wasn’t a very popular tourist attraction.

Interesting facts to note:

The original name of this tower was “Kaiser-Wilhelm-Turm” (Emperor William Tower) and was built between 1888 – 1889 to mark 100 years after the birth of the German Emperor Wilhelm I. The tower was built in a Gothic Brick Reviewal style, which you can often see around Berlin. The name “Grunewaldturm” was given after the name of the surrounding forest, in the period following the Second World War.

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