On focus: the TV Tower of Berlin from Storkower Street | Berlin, Germany

Panorama photo of Berlin center with focus on the TV Tower. Other important landmarks are also visible here as the Town Hall and Park Inn Hotel.

Similarly to my time blend picture, here I wanted to catch an unusual perspective on Berlin, as seen from the Storkower Street.

Important Landmarks In Berlin Center

In the distance is the Funkturm – a former Berlin Radio Tower, that’s just a monument nowadays. On the left and further away you can see the Teufelsberg – an artificially created hill, located in the Grunewald Forest. Another landmark, visible on this picture is the Rotes Rathaus – the Town Hall of Berlin, located near the famous Alexanderplatz. Last but not least, pay attention to the Park Inn Hotel on the right – it’s can be seen separately from the TV Tower of Berlin, which is not possible if you look from the standard standpoints.

A photo trick

This picture is among the very few ones that really show an unusual perspective on Berlin center. Actually, the trick I used for this image was to intentionally brake all the two-thirds or golden ratio rule of photography, and choose to put the TV Tower of Berlin right in the middle. I did that because I really liked the way it stands out of the entire composition.

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