Prague Castle Gate | Czech Republic

View from Prague Castle Gate, Czech Republic at sunrise in the early morning hours

Photography is not by pure chance one of my biggest passions, you could say I inherited this craze from my father, who was also very interested in using a camera. From a very young age I was fascinated by this form of art, which is able to capture moments forever and make memories last a lifetime.

With my camera before the day dawns

The view from Prague Castle down to the Golden City is a very familiar one for me, as my father actually captured a very similar shot back in his days and I always liked the way he composed this photograph. Although the unique Prague Skyline is hidden in this particular scene, any tourist leaving the Castle on Hradschin knows this very beautiful view over the roofs of the Czech capital.

During our last stay in Prague I decided to make my way to Prague Castle, which was built in the 9th century as the largest ancient castle in the world, before any day trippers would be there in order to capture it in the golden light of the shy morning sun. I love to get my camera out before the day dawns and watch the world slowly wake up – to me this is very special.

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