Frescos | Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic

Mariánské Lázně frescos on Maxim Gorky’s Colonnade.

Every time you pass through a building that appears like no other, look up! You may discover frescos that grab your attention instantly and that will likely prompt you to want to see them again repeatedly.

Shooting these paintings

These newly discovered beauties were decorated on the ceiling of Maxim Gorky’s Colonnade in the Mariánské Lázně spa town in Czech Republic. It was my aim primarily, to shoot only photos of symmetrical columns inside the colonnade, but once I looked above my head – I just couldn’t resist taking photos, spending almost thirty minutes shooting these paintings.

I would imagine that they depicted four seasons of the year and when you gaze at the central section, they display the reasons why a visit to Mariánské Lázně – SPA is well worth it. The connotation of the exterior paintings, however, was a little unclear for me.

What would be your guess – what is the meaning of this section of the frescos?

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