Büyük Han - The Largest Caravanserai | Nicosia, Cyprus

Büyük Han (The Great In) - The Oldest Hotel on the Cyprus Island.

Büyük Han – “Great In” is the oldest hotel that I have ever seen. It was built in 1572 as Caravanserai – a place where travellers in Cyprus could sleep overnight after their journey – usually in connection with the commerce trade.

Capture the aroma and views 

In our modern day, Büyük Han is currently located in the northern part of Cyprus and is the main attraction for tourists, however, this area no longer serves as a hotel. In the old “rooms” of old Caravanserai now, you can find galleries and small shops with local handmade products. In the middle of the hotel is a mosque still standing, that was originally built in the Ottoman times.

To enjoy Büyük Han to the fullest, it is worth taking time to sit in one of the restaurants in the courtyard, enjoying some aromatic Turkish meals and just absorbing the sunny views and surroundings.

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