Larnaca Castle On The Beach | Cyprus

Cyprus – Larnaca Castle on the beach.
I love castles (and of course my camera does too) and I love beaches (my camera is not so fond of sand) but an idea came to mind… why not combine both? The Larnaca Castle is the perfect location that faces the sea.

We were in Larnaca for one brief afternoon before our flight back from Cyprus to Berlin. If you have ever visited this area, you would likely guess that it can be quite difficult to capture an image – I was a little stressed taking photos of this city myself. The sky wasn’t perfect and there was a strong gust of wind from the sea. Once passing The Castle though, the sun shone through the clouds for a brief moment, adding a unique structure. This was my opportunity to capture the best I could. A minute later, it disappeared – I was very lucky this time.

I guess miracles do happen and always at the right time…

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