The Vienna State Opera | Austria

Vienna State Opera – Night photograph, Austria.

It is not surprising that Vienna is best known for its Opera. The neoclassicist blast from the ensemble, with all the aura of history and prosperity, give this Hall a unique character.

Vienna dance – The Waltz

The Vienna State Opera in our present day not only displays performances of opera pieces but also ballet spectacles. Once a year, the Opera is transformed into a ballroom on the last Thursday of Fasching. The ball gathers the most prominent people from business and politics, from all over the world and it begins with dances of 150 young men and women dressed in white ball gowns. The ball is opened with a traditional Vienna dance – The Waltz.

We know what you were thinking, and the answer is no, we were not at the ball. We were not permitted inside due to time limitations. We did try to depict the glam and prestige of this venue, in the blue hour photograph of The Opera, featuring the car light trails in the foreground.

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