Free Photos for non-commercial use

You are a Blogger or Journalist and you need some special photos to make your content pop?

Awesome! You may qualify for a free license.

Teide Viewpoint "Mirador Cruz del Carmen" on a sunny day with clouds in Tenerife
Grand Central Terminal in New York, Interior
Sunset appearing like an explosion behind the Frankfurt skyline
Piazza del Duomo at sunrise – Milan, Italy.

Many of our images are available for non-commercial use on your blog or magazine.

In return, we ask for a do-follow link back to our website.

You get more attention to your article – we get a link. A win-win for both of us.


If you’re interested, please fill the form below and we will get back to you asap.

Please note that you must first await our consent before using our photo. Do not publish without our consent.


    1. Free licensing only applies if you have received written permission before uploading the photo to your website. 

    2. If you have previously used our photos without permission and received a notification from our lawyer, you are banned from participating in our free-licensing program until that issue is resolved. Once it is resolved, we’re happy to put the past behind us and we can work together.

    3. We only consider to grant free licensing to non-commercial use on online blogs or magazines. Anything else will require paid licensing. It is not easy to define what is non-commercial and we reserve the right to decide this case by case. Just submit your request and we’ll let you know if you qualify.

    4. A license is only granted to the specific URL that you submitted. If you intend to display the photo on multiple websites, you must let us know beforehand and get permission for this. Situations in which this may be the case would be if you publish a guest-post on another blog plus on your own or if you also want to upload the photo to Social Media (instead of just sharing a link there). You may not grant a sub-license to anyone without having prior received our written consent.

    5. The licensing is only free in the sense that we will not request monetary compensation. However, we do request compensation in form of a do-follow link. We will provide you the specifics on how this link should be placed, if you chose to use our photo. Only if these specifics are met, the license is granted in return.

    6. We reserve the right to reject any request without providing further reasons.