Favàritxi tuletorn ja piimatee – Menorca | Hispaania

Favàritxi tuletorn ja piimane tee; Menorca - Hispaania
Favàritxi tuletorn ja piimane tee; Menorca - Hispaania

Do you recognize this lighthouse on Menorca? Nico has already published several photos of this place by day and night. And I am not surprised by his fascination. Favàritx is one of the most visited sights in Menorca. Although it is not a monument in the sense you may think – this lighthouse is still active and protects ships from crashing into the rocky coast of Menorca.


During summer, the milky way is perfectly visible on the coast of Menorca. When the moon is new and does not outshine the stars even with the naked eye you can see fantastic constellations in the sky. There are no buildings or artificial lights in the area around Favàritx lighthouse.


The lack of civilization at Favàritx, the omnipresent darkness illuminated only by the stars and the pounding of the lighthouse light, and the rhythmic beat of the waves crashing against Menorca’s rocky coastline will send shivers down more than one person’s spine. However, visiting a typical destination at an unusual time is an experience not to be missed when visiting the Balearic Islands. So if you are thirsty for excitement – try visiting Favàritx in the middle of the night.

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