Foz d’Égua | Piódão, Πορτογαλία

Πέτρινο σπίτι και γέφυρα στο Foz d'Égua της Πορτογαλίας, τραβηγμένα στο φως της ημέρας, αναδεικνύουν την γαλήνια ομορφιά του χωριού.
Το μαγευτικό πέτρινο σπίτι και η γέφυρα της Foz d'Égua, παγωμένα στο χρόνο κάτω από τον καθαρό ουρανό της ημέρας.
A Return to Piódão

Our trip to Foz d’Égua? Well, this all started with a return trip to Piódão. The first time I set foot in Piódão was in the height of summer. Its stone houses embedded in the verdant hills were a sight to behold. This time around, it was in April, when the village was still waking up from winter’s slumber.

Accompanying Daria and me were our friends, João and Suzi, who share the same passion for capturing the beauty of the world through the lens. Our main destination for this trip was Serra da Estrela, but as photographers know all too well, the journey is just as important as the destination. We made a pit-stop in Piódão for a hearty lunch, reminiscing about my previous visit.

The Unplanned Detour to Foz d’Égua

As we were continuing our journey, João suggested a detour. He mentioned Foz d’Égua, a spot he said I’d fall in love with. His words sparked my curiosity, and even though it was still the middle of the day, we decided to explore this recommendation.

Turning onto a narrow road from Piódão, we soon reached Foz d’Égua. The sight that welcomed us was nothing short of a fairytale scene. The houses, made of the same dark schist and slate found in Piódão, were scattered along the hillside, with a charming stone bridge joining the two sides of the village across the serene river.

The place was tranquil, a stark contrast to the bustling river baths of the summer months. The calmness offered a unique perspective, allowing me to fully appreciate the beauty of Foz d’Égua, devoid of any distractions.

Foz d’Égua in a Photograph

As a photographer, I knew there was a unique shot waiting for me. So, I set out exploring the terrain, searching for that perfect frame that would encapsulate the essence of Foz d’Égua. The result was a shot of the iconic stone house and bridge, basked in the soft afternoon sunlight.

There was something incredibly enchanting about the photo. Maybe it was the untouched beauty of Foz d’Égua, or perhaps it was the magical, movie-set-like ambiance the place had, but the shot turned out exactly as I had hoped.

Looking back at my visit to Foz d’Égua, I can’t help but feel grateful for the unplanned detour and João’s excellent recommendation. The serene beauty of Foz de Egua, coupled with the joy of capturing it in a photograph, was a memorable experience. Even more so, as it reaffirmed my belief in the magic that lies in unexpected corners of our beautiful world, waiting to be discovered and shared.

In the end, Foz d’Égua was more than just a picturesque village. It was a reminder that often, the most enchanting tales are written when you take the road less traveled.


Nico Trinkhaus

Nico Trinkhaus

Nico Trinkhaus is the mind-blind photographer, using cameras to create visions and memories that otherwise would be lost to him.

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