With my expertise as Online-Marketing Expert, Photographer and Traveler, I love to cooperate with companies, destinations and agencies.

With a monthly reach of ~60,000 people and more than 800,000 monthly displays in the Google Image Search, Sumfinity is an important influence on the field of destination photography. Being highly engaged with the audience and through a wide network among travel photographers, I was able to collect more than 500.000 signatures to save the freedom of Panorama, in just about 3 weeks.

I take unique and appealing photographs from the destinations I visit and motivate others to visit them by sharing my experiences as well as those photographs via Social Media.

Target Group

I enjoy both the trust of other photographers as well as of people fascinated about traveling.

Due to me funding the company PhotoClaim, helping photographers to stop image theft in Europe, photographers constantly seek my advice especially in regards to business.

Other travelers frequently inquire about the accommodations and shooting locations I chose, since I’m known for early morning sunrise photography and therefore always have a well-thought-through itinerary that inspires travelers.

Rules of Cooperation

I’m open for all kinds of cooperation. But it has to be a good match!

This is what I won’t do:

  • I don’t write sponsored articles for payment if I’m not convinced of your product or service.
  • I don’t set Follow-Links if it’s not in accordance with the Google’s Terms.
  • Sponsored content is always marked as such

Contact me

If you have a feeling that we could find a common language, I’m happy to hear from you: info@Sumfinity.com.