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Church of Peace interior in Świdnica, Poland

Church of Peace – Pulpit | Świdnica, Poland

Built in one year completely from wood, the Church of Peace is a result of the fight between Catholicism and evangelists in the 17th century. Its interior is unbelievable beautiful, everything is made from wood and yet it is so colorful and huge. When you’re inside you don’t know where to look first, it has capacity for 5.500 people.

Fountain in Świdnica, Poland. The small main square (rynek) in Świdnica is worth a visit

Fountain in Świdnica | Poland

The Rynek, polish for market square, is as in most Silesian towns the centre of Świdnica. Remarkable was the variety of blooming flowers. I wanted to capture the blossom together with the architecture and the fountain serves well as a balancing weight in the middle of the hedge and the small green house.

Market Rynek Świdnica in Poland

Rynek Świdnica | Poland

Rynek Świdnica | Poland Poland, Swidnica Świdnica is a small town in Silesia and Rynek is the polish word for market. So what you see is the centre of Świdnica, a town with a long and complex history, being often part of different countries like Bohemia, Austria,...
Church of Peace in Swidnica in Poland

Church of Peace in Swidnica | Poland

Church of Peace in Swidnica | Poland Poland, Swidnica The Church of Peace in Swidnica (Świdnica, Poland) is one of the two remaining Churches of Peace which belong to the UNESCO World Heritage. From outside it doesn’t even look that impressive on first sight. But that...