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Punta della Dogana overlooking San Marco in Venice, Italy

Punta della Dogana in Venice | Italy

Punta della Dogana in Venice | Italy Italy, Venice Punta della Dogana is home to a contemporary art gallery in Venice. The building itself – Dogana da Mar – was formerly a maritime customs office. Today’s gallery has been hosted here since 2009 and...
Panorama of Como in Italy - the lake city and the Alps

Panorama of Como | Italy

Panorama of Como | Italy Como, Italy This photo of the city and Lake Como overlooking the Alps was taken during our “road trip” through Italy. The city of Como is only 40 kilometres from Milan, yet the views and nature around this place are different from...
City center of Florence and shopping in Italy

Florence city center | Italy

Florence city center | Italy Florence, Italy The historic centre of Florence has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. The city’s more than 600 years of splendour are reflected in the architecture of the central square It is home to monuments...
Castello Estense (or Castello di San Michele) - Ferrara, Italy

Castello Estense – Ferrara | Italy

Castello Estense - Ferrara | Italy Ferrara, Italy The distinctive features of Castello Estense (or Castello di San Michele) are four fortified towers and a moat with a drawbridge. The whole brings to mind the original function of this palace: a defensive fortress....
Street in summer - Ferrara; Italy

Street – Ferrara |Italy

Street - Ferrara |Italy Ferrara, Italy This summer we often think back to the time when we travelled through Italy with a camera in our hand. We warmly think especially about those smaller, not yet fully discovered by tourists cities, like Ferrara. Italian street...
The medieval streets of Ferrara

Streets of Ferrara | Italy

Streets of Ferrara | Italy Ferrara, Italy Ferrara is a half renaissance half medieval Italian town. It’s mostly known for sights like Ferrara Cathedral, Palazzio del Diamanti, Castello Estense and Casa Romei. But if you’ve gotten off the beaten tourist...
Ferrara Castle/Castello Estense/Castello di San Michele; Italy

Ferrara Castle | Italy

Ferrara Castle | Italy Ferrara, Italy This defensive castle in Ferrara was built in the 14th century by the noble Italian d’Este family. The castle is also called Castello Estense or Castello di San Michele. From 1597, after the heirless death of the last member...
Milan Cathedral - panorama at night; Italy

Panorama of Milan Cathedral | Italy

Panorama of Milan Cathedral | Italy Italy, Milan The Cathedral of the Birth of St. Mary in Milan, commonly known as “Milan Cathedral”, could be described in many superlatives. It is one of the largest churches in Italy and even in all of Europe. The...
South Tyrol, Antholz Lake in the Dolomites in Italy in the Summer

Antholz Lake in South Tyrol | Dolomites, Italy

Antholzersee, translated Lake of Antholz in English, is the third largest Lake in South Tyrol. Surrounded by mountain peaks, it is one of the most picturesque places in the Dolomites which we saw. When we reached this viewing point, we almost felt overwhelmed by the silence and yeah… the fresh air, which at a height of 1642 meters over the sea level, was not so easy to breathe.