Sunset on Atalis Beach | Menorca, Spain

Sunset on Atalis Beach | Menorca, Spain

Atalis beach, also called Talis, is a pearl of southern Menorca. All Balearic Islands are known for their turquoise bays and picturesque cliffs, but it is Menorca that is Nico’s favorite photography subject.

Son Bou | Menorca, Spain

Son Bou night view; Menorca; Balearic Islands; Spain

The Balearic Islands are known for small, charming towns and fishing villages – such as Son Bou on Menorca. Most people know this place in daylight, however they and are not aware that at night from surroundings of the village one can see the Milky Way.

Star Trails | Menorca, Spain

Menorca Star Trails while at PhotoPills Camp.

This shot comes from the stunning Menorca – one of the Balearic Islands. The interesting thing is that I’ve never tried shooting star trails before! I saw this kind of photography before, but somehow in Berlin and in cities where I have traveled as such shots like these just didn’t work for me and for one simple reason – the skyline over these cities is “polluted” by artificial light. Therefore, if you want top results when photo taking, it is best to do so mainly in remote areas.

Favàritx lighthouse and the milky way – Menorca | Spain

Favàritx lighthouse and the milky way; Menorca - Spain

Do you recognize this lighthouse on Menorca? Nico has already published several photos of this place by day and night. And I am not surprised by his fascination. Favàritx is one of the most visited sights in Menorca. Although it is not a monument in the sense you may think – this lighthouse is still […]