Nico Trinkhaus Sumfinity presents the hub for my works. I write about my impressions on my trips and during taking the photos. I try to provide you with insight into my artistic life, but the focus is always with the pictures.

It fills me with pride when I see that my photos are sometimes viewed by approximately 150,000 people within 24 hours. I imagine that I can give all those people at least two seconds of pure pleasure. That’s 80 hours of happiness! In a world which is dominated by sad, upsetting and dismaying news, I’m so glad to be able to create a small counterpart.

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Vienna and the modern times

  There is no other place where voluptuous baroque shapes interlace with the logic of neo-classicist rules. This passionate dance in Vienna has lasted for centuries, and you can see it all today. Beauty mixed with logic, faith meeting...

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Nicosia – city of Cyprus divided by a wall

  It is difficult to write about Cyprus without triggering polarized emotions or reactions from many Europeans, especially Cypriots. The capital, Nicosia still today is shared between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and it doesn’t seem that...

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About Thessaloniki (Thessalonica) practically

  During our trip to Greece, Nico couldn’t resist visiting Thessaloniki – the most popular city for lovers of food and street photography. But Thessaloniki was an even broader experience than we thought at the beginning, and we were glad...

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