The Photographer’s Eye | Valencia, Spain

L’Hemisfèric Valencia, Spain is part of the City of Arts and Science. Santiago Calatrava created the eye of knowledge

This picture of the L’Hemisfèric in the Spanish city of Valencia, is a picture I could look at for hours. The unique architecture offers so much detail without losing its minimalist character that you just never grow tired of looking at it.

This very impressive building was designed by Santiago Calatrava and was opened as the first building within the City of Arts and Science on 16th April 1998. The entire compound was constructed in the dried up bed of the river Turia. When the L’Hemisfèric is closed it seems like its dome is sinking into the surrounding water, but once the 100-meter long oval roof is opened, it uses the reflection in the water to create a colossal eye of knowledge. The building houses a planetarium and an IMAX cinema, which is showing mainly scientific movies on its 1900 m² screen.

The City of Arts and Science in Valencia with its many architectural highlights completely stole my heart and will keep it forever. It doesn’t matter where you look, you always discover something remarkable. But the L’Hemisfèric is truly the icing on the cake, Santiago Calatrava excelled himself with its design and created a masterpiece. To me personally, the eye of knowledge is also the eye of a photographer, which is always on the lookout for a new photograph and never fails to see the beauty within the very simple and ordinary things.

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