"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."
City West | Berlin
If you amble along the Kurfürstendamm you can occasionally get a feel for how Berlin must have looked in its Golden 20s.

Independence Day | Bratislava
As the heavens opened up a bit and the UFO was illuminated in the orange light, it seemed to me as if I saw a version of the famous scene from the movie Independence Day – live in Bratislava.

A Golden Day in the Golden City
A good photo depends a lot on good planning. But sometimes you can plan as much as you want but in the end everything goes “wrong”. That’s how it felt this golden morning in Prague.

London Eye – The View
From the London Eye you can enjoy the best view on the Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben. Just taking photos is a bit tricky...

Royal Way | Prague, Czech Republic
The Royal Way is the path that the Bohemian kings have taken, walking up to the Prague Castle to be crowned. Its pure beauty is still enjoyed by many tourists.

Through the Golden Alleys | Dresden, Germany
I already packed up my gear and was ready to leave, but when I turned around I realized I had to take one last shot of the Dresden Old Town.


Fine Art Photography

A Fine Art Photograph is an image that is not only technically excellent, but also artistically inspired. Only both together create a timeless artwork.

My artworks are unique and the result of long planning, elaborate photography and selected post-processing. The combination produces a work of art that can provide you with a lot of pleasure over years to come.

You can convince yourself of the amazing quality without any risk since I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case I don't meet your expectations.

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Photographer Nico Trinkhaus

Born and raised in Berlin, I have always been a lover of big cities. To this day, I am fascinated by the synergy of historical buildings and modern architecture.

My goal is to show the beauty of the world through Fine Art Photography. Both nature and mankind created impressive and wonderful things that I am happy to capture in my art. In a world that often focusses on the negatives, I would like to create a counterpart.

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